New Book is Out! Going Under by Jennifer M. Barry

By Stacy Melanie Jerger (@ApoideaEdits)


I'm delighted to share with everyone that one of my authors Jennifer M. Barry just released her latest book GOING UNDER (THE ORACLES OF ST. AMBROSE) on August 24, 2013. I absolutely loved working with Jen and I'm thrilled for her. She's an author who spends long hours working, does countless rounds of revision to make her books the best they can be, and still somehow has a continuous flow of creative ideas fighting for her attention. Proud editor here!

Her book has already hit two bestseller lists on Amazon for Kindle: Children's Mystery and Supernatural and Children's Paranormal and Urban Fantasy.

If you're interested in checking out GOING UNDER, here's the summary and link on Amazon:

Chase Bradford, king of New York City’s high school elite, is dragged to Nashville for his senior year at St. Ambrose Academy. On his second day, the Queen Bee is found dead in the school swimming pool. Chase isn’t surprised, since he saw a vision on the water’s surface during swim practice just hours before Cheyenne died.

Before Chase can properly freak out, he discovers snarky writer Natalie and narcoleptic computer genius Bryan also possess unusual abilities. The three must work together to discover how Cheyenne died and why…before the killer can get away with it. But Natalie and Bryan are from different social circles and pose a threat to Chase's elite status. High school politics are nothing new to Chase, but the psychic abilities are.

The list of suspects isn’t surprising, since few people actually liked the popular queen of the elite. Chase, Natalie, and Bryan follow every vision, every lead – even Cheyenne's own father – right up to the shocking end.

As an editor I feel lucky to have worked on such a fun and entertaining story spun from Jen's creativity. Young adult, supernatural, mystery--that's humorous and heartfelt, and it does indeed have a shocking end.