Resources for Writers: Latest Round Up

By Stacy Melanie Jerger (@ApoideaEdits)

By Steve Greer on Flickr
By Steve Greer on Flickr

Because publishing is evolving, it’s not always easy to find the person you need in the wild west of the Internet.

Last week I attended Young To Publishing’s holiday party. I love these events because they’re a great, no pressure way to meet new people in the publishing industry.

Everyone (whether they’ve been at it for a while or are trying to get a leg in) has good advice or new ideas, and they’re eager to be of service of course!

I hope these resources help you on your publishing journey.

Literary Agents

Sarah Vollmer at Solow Literary

Carlie Webber at CK Webber Associates


Karma Bennett at Future is Fiction Communications

Book Distribution

Beatrice Kilat at Ingram Content Group

Check them out! Maybe someone will be a good fit for you. :)