What to Expect When You Hire a Developmental Editor

I wrote a guest post for Jami Gold about the developmental editing process and what authors can expect when working with a developmental editor. Here's a peek.

Every type of editor concentrates on a particular skillset, as Jami explained in her post How Can We Identify a Good Editor? After spending months or even years on a manuscript, authors are understandably cautious to hand off their work to a complete stranger. For those who haven’t worked with a developmental editor before, developmental editing can seem intimidating, mysterious, and even threatening.

The assumption I hear most often from authors who haven’t worked with a developmental editor is, “My entire book will be changed, and I won’t have any control.”

Well, who wants that? Authors should never work with any editor who would overstep their wishes. Fortunately, a good developmental editor won’t take control away from an author and will recognize the importance of the author’s voice, story, and goals, and will maintain and enhance those aspects of a manuscript.

But how do you know whether or not you would like to work with a developmental editor? And how can you find out if a particular developmental editor is the right fit for you? As an author, the more you understand developmental editing, the better educated you will be when you decide to work with this type of editor.

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