10 Things to Make Your Writing Wednesday Better

Wednesday is a little bit of “Yes, I still have plenty of time to do everything. But I hate everything.” And “Who ate the last doughnut?? I will kill you now.

As the minutes drip by like a leaky faucet, Wednesday can make anyone start revenge-drinking at noon.

So, if you’re having a stupid Wednesday, I guarantee you this list will make it better.

1. Sometimes life feels like one big meme. There's too many ALL-CAPS offerings of surface wisdom and winks shouting at you about your life. “Sleep is the new sex” or “It's just a matter of time before they add SYNDROME after my last name.” Good news: there are still a few quiet jewels of writing wisdom.

2. Structure is the skeleton of your novel. From the inciting incident to the resolution. You may be a pantser, but you still need those bones. For some no-fuss story structure, Jami Gold’s beat sheets rule.

3. Since my job is reading books, I get asked a lot if I still enjoy reading in my own time. And I say, is the bear catholic? Because last night I promised myself “one more chapter” until I was up reading until 2 AM. My latest reads were The Martian and Goddess of the Hunt (I’m a gal with varying tastes).

4. An online writing conference is coming up this weekend, so you should probably sign up. Also, I love everything Gabriela Pereira has to say.

5. When you’re not reading romance, you can play it on your iphone. WHAT. I’m excited to play with this Regency Love game! Also, a fantastic review of it from SBTB.

6. Writing geeks, you need this typewriter keyboard. I need this typewriter keyboard.

7. After I’ve written an entire story, the title will still elude me. So I drink-cry a bottle of wine, have a one-person dance party, and completely avoid figuring out that one last dreaded thing. Thankfully, somebody decided to fix this with the Romance Title Generator.

8. Hey, did you know I now offer proofreading? Your book has been through so many revisions and edits and you can’t stand to read it one more time. Allow me. This is a last look to catch any remaining errors before you publish.

9. Someone has combined red wine and hot chocolate. And made it a thing.

10. Don’t you wish you had infinite amounts of money to travel and eat your way through Europe? Yeah, me too. But for now, I can Try the World from my overpriced one-bedroom apartment.