On Writing Romance: The Real Secret to Fixing Your Novel (Hint: It’s Not the Grammar)

Maybe you have the meet-cute down, but struggled with the climax (ooh-la-la). Maybe your characters have wit but lack chemistry. Maybe the chemistry is hot, but the plot is lukewarm. Maybe you’re incredibly frustrated with not knowing what to revise.

Or maybe you’re the opposite: You have a solid novel with just a few kinks.

Whatever your writing woes entail, one thing is certain: Your book deserves a professional editor to give you quality feedback on the meat of your story, to unearth the excellent and eh about your novel, and recommend fresh and creative idea for fixing problems.


Enter: The Developmental Report

A critique/developmental edit in a lengthy letter that gives you the freedom to revise on your own. Painlessly.


Why is this crucial?

Because when your story is bulletproof and quality, it gets you farther than the marketing blitz in an overcrowded industry.

Despite the dying cries of publishing companies and retailers, the market is saturated with new books every year—especially by the romance genre. In 2014, romance generated 1.44 billion dollars and is the highest selling genre worldwide. (Second highest is mystery, which made HALF that amount.)

That means you’re competing in an already fertile playground where intelligent, discerning readers have an abundance of traditionally published and self-published romances to choose from.

If your book isn’t standing out, then it’s dragging with the herd. And dragging your profits down. This just proves:

The single most important factor readers use when deciding to buy a romance novel is: the story.


And that’s what The Developmental Report is all about.

Develop characters that make readers care.

Perfectly time your plot and turning points.

Move your plot forward with every single scene.

Bring your fictional world to life with setting and sensory details.

Pace your story, not too rushed or lagged, but just right.

Give readers a satisfying ending they’ll never forget.


Last but not least...can you keep readers hooked? The average attention span of a human is 8.25 to 15 seconds before the brain checks out and eyes glaze over. If your story isn’t grabbing readers by the eyeballs on every single page, they’ll find a story that will.

In fact, it’s their habit to do so. Hello, TBR list, where were we?

But there’s hope.

You can make sure your book is true to your vision and working for you.

This is the perfect opportunity to get me and my experience without a long editing process (which, as you may know, can cost thousands of dollars, and take months of your time).

I’ll share your goals, celebrate your strengths, and encourage your efforts. Because sometimes it’s nice to have a little extra support. Sometimes your life partner and friends are tired of hearing about your problem-child book. Sometimes it’s better to have a caring human expert on your side than to go it alone.

And sometimes...it’s just good sense to cover your butt before you publish.

Don’t miss the chance to get this service. It’s pure book love.

Turnaround is 2 weeks from your scheduled date (that's it!).

Price ranges $495 - $695.