Whenever It’s Not Working, Change it Up.

Don’t you just hate when your closet is full but there’s nothing to wear? You promise yourself you’ll hit the mall tomorrow after work to get a few new things, but it still doesn’t seem good enough.

You loved your wardrobe once, maybe you could love it again?

Or maybe you need a reboot.

As I was purging piles of clothes from my closet, I knew I needed a big change. But not a whole new wardrobe. A whole new website.

I love what I do SO much and I wanted to keep doing it. Period.

That meant I had to re-think everything.

Like the pair of shoes I thought were so pretty but hardly ever wore. They always rubbed in one spot. You know what I’m talking about. Some people can overlook that red, raw, rubbing and brave the blisters with a smile.

But I need shoes to fit right. And when they don’t, they go out in a bag of thanks-but-no-thanks.

My website has to fit right for me too and reflect the future of my business. And I wasn’t going to find the answer by looking back.

Because what got me here wasn’t going to get me there.

We need to keep evolving to see what works.

So not only did I give myself a makeover, I reengineered all of my editing services, still backed by kickass editorial skills, and packaged them in ways that work better for me. And work better for you.

From planning your concept, to novel revision, to polishing query letters...

It’s worth all that and a new wardrobe.