The Faster You Run, the More Likely You'll Trip

It's a new year - where we look ahead at all the things we want to accomplish for ourselves. And mistakenly write 2015 on all of our checks (guilty). But for me, ringing in the new year took a darker, ickier turn.

I had two editing projects lined up, back to back, on tight schedules.

And I got the flu.

If you put pressure on yourself like I do—upholding deadlines or die, delivering the best edits or die—then you know there's never a good time to get sick (or die). I tried to fight it. Tried to hang on to my beloved, perfect schedule, clung to senseless determination and my OCD.

It only landed me further on my ass with a sore throat, sniffles, and hacking cough for company.

I couldn't avoid notifying my authors any longer. I had to inform them about my woeful disease and bumping our schedules back. I hated doing this.

(Writing emails while sick is also yuck.)

Guess what? My authors were totally cool about it. Despite my stress and irritation at nature, they were cool about it. So why couldn't I be cool about it?

And that's when I realized that work isn't always do or die. Sometimes you just have to put everything down and suck on a throat lozenge. The universe doesn't implode.

The universe is cool about it.

As authors and entrepreneurs, we are hard on ourselves all the time. We want to grab pockets of free time for our work. We want to prove to our loved ones that we can do this. We want to make ourselves proud.

But we can't do any of that if we don't take care of ourselves first.

Life goes on. You go on.

P.S. Thanks, NyQuil.