Happy Holidays!

Even though it's been a terrible year—from the eye-stabbing election cycle to the loss of the most treasured voices (David Bowie, Prince, Alan Rickman, George Michael, Carrie Fisher...I can't go on)—it's been a good year for this developmental editor. I've had the privilege of working with talented, passionate authors, meeting new people, and challenging myself.

Before we enter into an unpredictable 2017 (universe, please don't take Michelle Obama), I would like to share some fun gifts with you. A little something to fill that void after you ravenously tore open all of your presents in ten seconds and your living room became a crumpled-wrapping-paper landfill. This gift is a warm reminder to keep writing, keep revising, keep publishing.

Printable Bookmarks

Aren't these darling? When you get a ton of free book copies at conferences or you just prefer to read like an Original Gangster, these will look fantastic between your pages. And if you're as adorkable as I am, you'll go as far as laminating them, too.

Download the file here.


Website Buttons

What great love doesn't get carried away? If you've enjoyed working with me as much as I've enjoyed working with you, grab one of these buttons off my website and hang it on yours. Let the world know which editors you adore.

Grab me by the button.

So, let's stay up past midnight and watch 2016 die. Let's turn the page and look for ways we can be useful, motivated, and happy. In our personal lives and in our writing. Because if stories show us anything, it's that after a storm of fuckery, we rise up stronger.

See you next year!