I Tumbled Into Tumblr! Here's Why.

You know when a public toilet flushes harder than an earthquake? You will get sucked down the bowl face-first if you don’t exit the stall in an awkwardly rushed fashion.

That’s how I used to view Tumblr. As a never-ending, hungry vortex. But once you get past that feeling of escaping without toilet paper stuck to your shoe, you realize Tumblr is the place to PAR-TAY.

If Twitter is a cocktail event, and Facebook is a coffee shop, Tumblr is a binge-watching Netflix party. 

And the reason why I’m suddenly drawn to this party is because content seems to last much longer on Tumblr than on other social media platforms.

Like *cough-Twitter-cough.* Nobody sees your tweet unless they’re on Twitter when you are. The rest of your tweets fall instantly into the abyss of chatter and “Look at me!” Before you so much as blink, your tweet becomes last-minute’s news. 

On Facebook, at least your posts drift by at a slower rate. I like that it’s more flexible than Twitter and you can have slightly longer, more meaningful interactions. But eventually, those posts fall away too. I can still hear them circling the Internet drain. 

Then I learned about Tumblr and its re-blogging feature. Or rather, I realized the importance of this feature. Every time someone re-blogs your post, they bump up its relevancy, keep it freshly circulating, and give it a longer Internet life.

Like that forgotten can of tomato soup in my pantry, it just miraculously hasn't expired yet.

All of this is good for bloggers who don’t want to keep writing and posting into a void. So, in addition to my blog, I’m giving it a try.

With my usual flair for arriving late to a party, with lipstick on my teeth and a bottle of Two Buck Chuck in hand, I’ve made it to Tumblr.