RWA 2016: Are You Going? Let's Meet Up!

This year will be my first time attending the Romance Writers of America (RWA) Annual Conference and I'M NOT AT ALL OVERWHELMED. I'm somewhere between terrified and ecstatic. And mostly overwhelmed.

Generally the months fly by for me and before I know it, I've missed book conferences all year long that I've wanted to go to. And SDCC—but that's a different tragedy altogether.

But not this year. This year I'm getting my act (and my panty hose) together and going to an event that is the most magical place on earth for romance book lovers. 

I've been a romance reader forever, an enthusiastic participant of workshops, an editor for several years. And I have an embarrassing number of WIP skeletons under my bed. (WIP = work in progress.)

It's time to go.

I've heard the stories... People met their writing heroes, attracted agents, felt inspired by a panel, reunited with old friends, met new friends, burned every dollar in their savings...and they had the grandest time. 

I struggled between my writing side and my freelance editing side when looking at the entire RWA schedule of events this year. Because so many workshops and panels appealed to me in different ways. But I know I can't be everywhere at once.

And most importantly, I want some free time to connect with like-minded people who don't know yet that we are going to be the best of friends. (Months later they'll realize that despite running my own business, I'm a strange and delightful introvert.)

So, after I meet up with my fantastic roomie (where she schools this first-timer like nobody's business), I'll be soaking up the conference and filling my tote bag with All The Books.

And I'd love to meet up with you.

Are you going to RWA this year? Let me know!


The office pup and me looking like I've had too much salt.

The office pup and me looking like I've had too much salt.