We All Want Someone Who Gets Us

Remember that time you met someone who loved Firefly as much as you do? There was excited squealing and reminiscing over your most favorite parts, laughing at the same jokes, and before you knew it, you were rushing halfway down the aisle of bestie-hood.

I have this reaction with one of my authors. Except Firefly is her book. And we're squealing over the best parts. Acknowledging the areas that need special attention. We're playing off each other's ideas and solutions in a creative mind-meld where unicorns canter in a meadow and fried chicken is everywhere. Because. 

Even when the plot is so rickety that a sneeze can topple it, or the characters almost make sense together but don't, or that dreaded middle is saggier than an aging beer gut. Creative mind-meld, activate!

Any story problem can be fixed when you work with someone who makes you love what you do. Let me tell you, this author makes me love what I do, too.

Because let's face it. Writing is an incredibly lonely endeavor. We all want to connect with someone. So find that someone who gets you.