Developmental Editing: When Your Author Doesn't Finish Her Project

I am rewarded over and over again with the authors who work with me. Their writing amazes me. We do amazing things. I know other words besides amazing

But sometimes, you can give a writer all the tools in the world—and they will never finish their novel.

Yes, I got paid.

Yes, we had great chemistry.

100% yes, I would work with this author again.

Her story had potential. Her plot was dark and delicious. Her characters made me FEEL THINGS. The developmental work was fantastic. I enjoyed it. She loved the suggestions. And you could see how all those story elements would weave and come together beautifully like Doctor Strange holding time in his hand. 


And yet.

She had become too mentally exhausted to revisit the story and make it work. To go that extra draft and see it through.

And you know what? I get it. I struggle with my own personal writing. It's a huge struggle and a huge accomplishment to finish a book. Especially when depression, distractions, and LIFE get in the way. And sometimes, you just have to take a break or move on to something else.

But...I was so bummed.

Not just as an editor, but as a reader. I wanted others to read this amazing (amazing, amazing) book and share the same love for it. The world needed this book.

But more often than not writing isn't just talent or a good idea or clean grammar. Or when the mood strikes.

Sometimes it's getting up and doing it...when it's the very last thing you want to do.