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Novel Revision: How to Fix the Big Stuff (Without the Woeful Cries) — 3 Steps

Revising a novel gives me the same dread I felt when writing the saggy middle of my story. I was standing at the beginning of an unending cracked desert and had no idea how to get to the other side. Mouth goes dry. As does every impulse. But in order to get from a crappy first draft to a polished manuscript, you have to go through the storm—the parts that hold your story together, the big stuff. Luckily, I've pieced this process into three steps that keep me sane.

Developmental Editing: How Does it Work? Are There Rules?

Developmental editing may be a job without grammar rules, but that doesn’t mean we as editors forge ahead with our own agenda. This line of work requires principles. Three main ones...

What is Developmental Editing? A Look Inside

I guest-blogged on The Writers' Collective about a developmental editor’s role and how I approach working with writers on their manuscripts. I'm everything from a content organizer to an idea generator.