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10 Things to Make Your Writing Wednesday Better

Wednesday is a little bit of “Yes, I still have plenty of time to do everything. But I hate everything.” And “Who ate the last doughnut?? I will kill you now.” As the minutes drip by like a leaky faucet, Wednesday can make anyone start revenge-drinking at noon. So, if you’re having a stupid Wednesday, I guarantee you this list will make it better.

What is Developmental Editing? A Diagram Explains It

I've been playing in Prezi lately because I've wanted to create a simple and hopefully easy-to-understand presentation to explain what developmental editing is. What do you think?

Story Openings: Should We Start With Showing or Telling?

How do we start a story that’s been consuming us for weeks, maybe even months? Do we begin describing some backstory to give readers immediate context or do we throw readers directly in the middle of an action-packed moment?

A Writer’s (and Editor’s) Tool: A Subconscious Mind

Stephen King had it right when he referred to “the boys in the basement” as a mode of creative process. The “boys” are the muse, the background noise of our consciousness, and a place where our imagination simmers.