Guest Post: The Perks of Co-Authoring -- How Two Authors Write Together

A while ago I was lucky enough to meet Lisa Langdale and Laura Kreitzer in Napa for a gal-pal get-together and it was so much fun! Since then, I've admired from the sidelines how these two women work together seamlessly, and like many others, I'm dying to know more.

3 Ways to Create Sympathy for Your Character

Like people, characters make first impressions. Readers will either like or dislike a character immediately. It’s up to writers to sculpt their characters for a desired effect and control the reading experience for their audience.

3 Ways to Reveal Character Without Sacrificing Conflict

Often revealing character can feel like you’re showing your poker hand prematurely and it’s especially difficult to balance when the plot is character driven (meaning the primary conflict comes from within the protagonist). So how do we help readers understand our characters if our characters are unwilling to share or if sharing runs the risk of weakening conflict?