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So, What Exactly Happened at RWA16?

This blog post was a long time coming. Procrastination, anyone?

I could write my way through all of the fantastic workshops I attended, from the dissection of story structure that strokes my geek side, to hilarious author chats about good and bad sex scenes. Or the session that went into great, great, great detail about what happens at a romance cover photo shoot, starring a live—shirtless—male model, that was definitely not recorded (but burned into the minds of every female, and rare male, in attendance).

10 Things to Make Your Writing Wednesday Better

Wednesday is a little bit of “Yes, I still have plenty of time to do everything. But I hate everything.” And “Who ate the last doughnut?? I will kill you now.” As the minutes drip by like a leaky faucet, Wednesday can make anyone start revenge-drinking at noon. So, if you’re having a stupid Wednesday, I guarantee you this list will make it better.