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10 Things to Make Your Writing Wednesday Better

Wednesday is a little bit of “Yes, I still have plenty of time to do everything. But I hate everything.” And “Who ate the last doughnut?? I will kill you now.” As the minutes drip by like a leaky faucet, Wednesday can make anyone start revenge-drinking at noon. So, if you’re having a stupid Wednesday, I guarantee you this list will make it better.

The Difference Between Mystery and Suspense (and How to Use Them in Writing)

Have you ever been confused by these two writing techniques? Although mystery and suspense often work together, knowing the difference can help us understand which strategy we want to achieve in our story.

Mind Mapping Tools for Writers and Story Editors

Mind mapping can be a useful technique for writers to add to their writing process. What it comes down to is- how do we grasp information? How do we organize our thoughts and ideas? Do we need to?