The single most important factor readers use when buying a romance novel is...the story. 

The idea of getting outside feedback makes most authors want to pee. But after slaving over your manuscript for months, you know how important it is to have a solid, deeply satisfying novel for your readers. And that means working with professionals. I won't let you leave the bathroom with toilet paper on your shoe, or let you publish with plot holes in your book.

Quickie Consulting

This is a conference call based service for any writer who needs to bounce around story ideas, brainstorm a plot or character problem, or help planning their novel. Perfect if you're outlining, have writer's block, or a partial manuscript.

Developmental Report

Your book will get quality developmental (content) feedback on plot, setting, conflict, and characters, so you can write the best story that's in you, and feel proud of your work. Don't jump to grammar fixes without doing this important big-picture work first.

Query Letter Love

If you're seeking a traditional publishing route, then you know a query letter is the most daunting 250 words you'll ever have to write. This service will not only improve your letter but entice agents to read the rest of your book.

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