Developmental Report

Get organization, clarity, and support to revise your novel. PAINLESSLY.

Revising your romance novel should be attainable. Not a lonely, distressing experience. Whether you feel lost in a messy draft or you have a solid manuscript with just a few kinks, this developmental editing service will make sure the whole of your story is bulletproof and deeply satisfying to your audience. Your book will get detailed feedback and workable solutions tailored specifically for you and your book. Don't skip this big-picture work.

  • Hook readers from beginning, middle, to end

  • Perfectly time your plot points (baby, that’s structure)

  • Move your plot forward with every scene

  • Bring your fictional world to life with setting and sensory details

  • Pace your story just right

  • Give readers a satisfying ending they’ll never forget

  • Develop characters that make readers care

  • Clarify plot arcs and backstory

  • And so much more...

How It Works

I do an extensive read of your entire manuscript and send you a 7 to 10-page report of feedback. This gives you the freedom to make revisions at your own pace. And with a timeline of two weeks, you can get me and my developmental experience without a long editing process.

Rate: $0.013 per word. (0.013 x 50,000 words = $650) 


Line Editing

Rhythm, elegance, and SO MUCH MORE.

Dig deeper than grammar to save your book. Line editing is much more than a basic grammar check. It’s the secret weapon that pushes your words from suitable to shining, by strengthening your writing, improving rhythm and flow, and clarifying your ideas. Line by line, I'll perform these tasks: 

  • transitions

  • awkward phrasing

  • repetitions

  • cohesion/flow (linking ideas)

  • wordiness

  • plausibility (there were five hands in that sex scene!)

  • emphasis

  • rhythm and elegance

  • spelling

  • punctuation

  • capitalization

  • word usage (blond/blonde)

  • italics

  • clarity

  • grammar

  • numbers (spelled vs. numeral)

  • consistency

How It Works

I make all edits using The Chicago Manual of Style (16th ed.) and Track Changes while fighting off monkeys with a stick. Note: If your story isn't in good condition for line editing, I will let you know as soon as possible into the process.

Rate: $0.02 per word. (50,000 words = $1,000)


Quickie Consulting

Concept and planning of YOUR NOVEL.

There are no new ideas. But that shouldn’t stop you from writing them in new ways. Planning your romance novel isn’t just for the Type A plotter. It’s for any writer who wants greater understanding of their story. It prevents you from running into hazards and holes while you’re writing. It gets you to a finished first draft and makes revision easier. For outlines or partial manuscripts.

  • Ask me anything about your story and get productive feedback

  • Organize and connect your existing ideas

  • Pinpoint where things went limp (oh my)

  • Put our heads together to brainstorm new possibilities

  • Clarify your big-picture concept

How It Works

Get 30 or 60 minute conference calls at $8/minute. You can buy as many calls as you want. And remember: you're not just paying for time on the phone or email. I read your material, take notes, and organize my thoughts to prepare for our meetings. Note: If your WIP (work-in-progress) is over 15,000 words, a reading charge may apply.