Write a Sex Scene in 8 Steps

When it comes to writing a satisfying sex scene, we generally experience two reactions: So much fun, oo-la-la! And—Ugh, intimacy.

We’re plagued with thoughts like this better be good or readers will hate everything.

Suddenly, we’re squirming in a bad way. And the pressure to deliver a satisfying scene is more overwhelming than finishing a super burrito in one sitting.

  • Everyone has different sexual tastes, can you please them all?
  • Does The First Time need to be the perfect moment under perfect circumstances?
  • Is there enough showing, enough emotion, enough heat?
  • Does the scene blend with the rest of the story or is everything out of character?
  • Will you go crazy trying to get it all right? (Yes.)

This worksheet simplifies complex, intimate scenes and guides you through writing a satisfying moment in your novel.

So, download this goodie for FREE, pour some wine, dim the lights, and write a scene that will make you (and your readers) squirm in a good way.

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Without dread or dry spells, without secrecy or shame, you can navigate every kiss, every sigh, every groan in eight steps.

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