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Currently, I am only offering outline editing.

This early-stage feedback can be your greatest tool when you first sit down to write. Your cast of characters are set up, your conflict is tested, the journey is clear. Outlines not only give you a map to follow but allow you to fix issues in short form to make sure your romance is set up for success…from the very beginning.

Updated 8/12/2019

What’s included in Outline Editing…


  • Likability

  • Motivation

  • Internal need

  • External goal

  • The lie characters tell themselves (what holds them back)

  • Past incident that formed their general outlook


  • Premise

  • Conflict

  • Romance beats and structure (Setup, meet-cute…)

  • Scenes and pacing

  • Logic and continuity

  • Satisfying ending


  • Tropes

  • Style and tone

  • Reader expectations