Developmental editing for the willful writer. 

Developmental editing, manuscript evaluations, story critiques—they all mean the same thing. It’s who you hire that makes the difference.

As a certified editor with 5+ years of experience (and who loves romance and fiction as much as you do), I give you details of what's working, what's not working, and recommendations for how to fix areas that aren’t yet right, like helping you develop characters, smooth narrative pacing, fix plot holes, and come up with new ideas that work specifically for you and your book.

The best part? Revision doesn’t have to be a lonely, distressing experience. I share your goals, celebrate your strengths, and encourage your efforts. Because sometimes it’s nice to have a little extra support. Sometimes your life partner and friends are tired of hearing about your problem-child book. Sometimes it’s better to have a caring human expert on your side than to go it alone. And’s just good sense to cover your butt before you publish.