I read my first in 7th grade and never looked back. Fast-forward many years later, I joined writing communities and met incredible writers who struggled through drafts and didn’t have an expert on their side. The world became do-or-die busier, widening in opportunity (indie) but shrinking in support.

From the moment I got certified in editing from UC Berkeley, my love of books, particularly romance, kept calling me back. I knew I was going to focus my efforts on novel development. And throughout my experience, I've learned...with the right editor, you can fix any story.

My editing services give authors support to publish the best story they can.

(And for me to do what I love.) And of course, to help authors succeed in this difficult but creative career choice. And to show every jerk who ever said, “That’s nice, but what’s your real job?” that this was your real job: professional author, nice to meet you.

Feel free to drop me a line about your project!