Reading through your developmental report, I could see that you really grasped a lot of what was important in my story. You offered a lot of great ideas and constructive criticism and presented it all in a way that was very supportive to me as an author. I felt that you wanted to give me your best and to see me succeed as a writer. And your best was very, very good!
— Susan K. Swords
Working with Stacy has been an absolute pleasure. Her tone, her humor and her expertise are an invaluable asset I would recommend to anyone in the market for an editor. Stacy took on my beloved story and characters as if they were her own and, while she was always encouraging, she wasn’t afraid to tackle the hard stuff and really get down to the nitty gritty of making my story better. Working with her was a complete joy and I have every intention of doing so again in the future.
— Chelsea Greer
Stacy is a true professional at what she does. She read my novel and provided excellent suggestions on how to improve the pacing and how to bring the novel to an effective conclusion. She also provided insight on the genre where the novel would most likely find success. I have incorporated most of her suggestions and found working with her a joy.
— Terry Armstrong
I loved working with Stacy! When my book just stopped making sense to me, I was able to turn it over to her. Her developmental notes were just what I needed and they made the transition into the revising stage much easier on me. My story will be much stronger thanks to her. I plan on using Stacy’s talents for every book.
— Daphne Tate
Stacy was so great to work with! Even though I was nervous about working with a developmental editor for the first time, she made the process easy and fun. Her enthusiasm for the project was clear from the beginning and her insights are making such a huge difference in my story.
— Kristen Valentine
Stacy was thorough and her suggestions were in-line with my story—plot, characters, conflicts, resolution. What I loved the most about working with Stacy was the fact that she loves my characters almost as much as I do. My vision for the story became hers. After we worked together on the Query for my new book, the book was requested by the first agent to whom It was submitted. I’ll be working with Stacy on my next novels. I highly recommend her to anyone in need of an editor.
— Deborah Kelly
What I had presented was a simple straight line story with undefined characters often acting out their roles in an undefined colorless world. Now, after our collaboration and your direction and encouragement, I have a real manuscript with well thought out and developed characters acting out their lives in a richly described world of their own. With your help I have accomplished something I never thought possible.
— Rodney Mohr

Stacy consulted with me to help me end my first novel. She also gave me some valuable insight into my book. I now know what I need to focus on to make my book shine.
— Catherine Conn
I enjoyed working with you throughout the process. My goal was to express the story in the best way possible and the guidance and insight you provided was superb. Going in, my only fear was that the story would lose its essence with too much tinkering, but you were supportive each step of the way and took the time to talk through the specifics around why changes were suggested. I would gladly work with you again.
— Kurt Wilson
I truly feel that the opportunity to work with Mrs. Jerger has been invaluable. She is very skilled in the work of editing, and she was always giving encouragement and new ideas when a problem arose. If the need arises for an editor in the future, I plan on hiring Mrs. Jerger again.
— Kayla Cunningham
This is the first time I worked with an editor. Our work together felt equal and had a balanced relationship between writer and editor. I liked the insightful comments, and that some of them were presented as suggestions instead of being imposed, which actually drew me more to implementing them. After the changes, I strongly felt that the essence and soul of [the story] still remained while being stronger at the same time. Your work highlighted a lot of mistakes and inconsistencies I would never spot myself. To this I am very grateful. The two improved lead stories inspired confidence in me and boosted my morale as an author.
— Xeno Hemlock